To join us, you need first to create your Master Account to manage your access in-game accounts, forum, control panel, and more!

Simply follow the steps below.

1. Create your Master Account

In order to get started, you will need to create a master account. This will be your main account to access control panel & community forums. Please note that you may only create one master account per person.

2. Create your game account

Using your master account, login in the control panel and create game account(s) as many as you want. This is the account that you will use in order to play Project Freya.

3. Download

Download & install Project Freya full client installer

4. Write your own story

You may now begin playing Project Freya! Remember to enjoy the game.

If you are having a trouble following the guide, you may check out our Forums, message us on Facebook, or chat with us on Discord!